The nixie clock is crammed full of features with a PIC microcontroller at its heart.
The state of art design is powered from a low voltage adapter and has the ability to drive any nixie tubes including alphanumeric varieties.
With its built in decoder there is the ability to add a DCF77 receiver for ultimate accuracy. You can now add the new GPS to DCF77 converter to the clock.
Alternatively the clock can be line driven with automatic 50/60Hz detection. For complete flexibility, you can also drive the clock with an external 1Hz generator.

- GPS Option
- Selectable 12 / 24 hour display mode
- Change the date format from US Standard to European standard
- manually switch off of the tubes
- tube saver - save lifetime and energy
- Universal design with switchmode power supply, can drive any tubes
- 5 different tube modes
- Power supplied from a low voltage plug in adapter (9-10V AC)
- Efficient multiplex design, saves space and enhances tube life
- Dimming mode with optional auto function
- Attractive digit crossfade
- Built in DCF77 decoder for ultimate accuracy
- Showing the date in DCF77 mode (DCF77 option)

The Kit

All electronic parts required to build the kit are supplied but no tubes, no tube board, no mouser pins, no power supply and no case.
You will need standard electronic construction tools including soldering iron, cutters etc.

You can choose the following tube pcb options:
this kit with no tube board (make your own or wire all known nixie tubes according to the schematic to this clock board
this kit plus tube board V1.08a
- this kit with tube board V1.08d for 6 IN-8 tubes with blue LED illumination
- this kit with tube board V1.08e for 6 B5853 tubes with blue LED illumination

If you decide to choose the tube pcb version V1.08a, you can use a lot of different tubes with this tube board like IN-14, IN-8-2, ZM1080 and others.

If you decide to choose the tube pcb version V1.08d, you can a set of 6 matched IN-8 tubes, 66 nixie tube pin receptacles and 6 high quality LEDs.

Please use our NEW COOL NIXIE CONVERTER if you use DCF, GPS, LEDs for lighting.

Please see the new 'black brilliance' case for this clock kit!

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The kit V1.08a 

The clock PCB V1.08 click to enlarge

Clock and tube pcbs

The clock pcb V1.08 and many tube pcbs

Sandwich construction

Sandwich construction IN18 (the big tubes in the back) / IN-14 / IN-8-2

Tubes for sandwich construction

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