Tube board V1.08d

Pimp your nixie clock! Now here comes something really cool!

The tube PCB for 6 beautiful IN-8 tubes version V1.08d

Together Nocrotec with we have developed a special tube pcb for 6 IN-8 tubes for blue LED illumination.
The pcb is made and developed in Germany! The blue LEDs make the tubes shine beautifully. Your nixie clock becomes a real eyecatcher.

The pcb was especially designed for our V1.08 nixie clock kit.
The pcb fits the clock pcb and is connected via a sandwich construction as we have always done with our other clock kits.

Norcrotec delivers a set of 6 matched IN-8 tubes, 66 nixie tube pin receptacles and 6 high quality LEDs.

The pcb is connected via a sandwich construction with our universal clock kit.

Measurements 40 x 128 mm
This pcb is a must have!

You can buy the PBC here.

Blue Dream