IN-18 kit one pcb version

IN-18 clock kit 

IN-18 clock kit - one pcb version

Nixie Clock kit for 6 IN-18 tubes incl. programmed PIC Processor Software Version 6.2
We have developed a totally new clock design for the IN-18 nixie tubes. Now everything is on one pcb!
Very high quality pcbs, made in Germany.

The nixie clock is crammed full of features with a PIC microcontroller at its heart. The state of art design is powered from a low voltage adapter and has the ability to drive any nixie tubes including alphanumeric varieties. With its built in decoder there is the ability to add a DCF77 receiver or GPS converter for ultimate accuracy.
Alternatively the clock can be line driven with automatic 50/60Hz detection.
For complete flexibility, you can also drive the clock with an external 1Hz generator.
12/24 hr mode change date format from EU standard to US standard
Complete new design all parts on one pcb
no additional wires
very compact


High resoultion picture showing the building process

IN-18 kit one pcb version