This clock kit supporting 6 ZM1040 or 6 Z566M tubes.

After having a very succeesssful start, this board was sold out too quickly.

There are 2 options:

1) The board and the programmed pic processor.
2) This clock pcb gives you the possibility to make a clock in a very short time.

This clock kit supports 6 ZM1040 or 6 Z566M tubes.


PCB Measurements Version V1.06 click to enlarge

What this pcb Version offers

nixieclock kit for 6 Z566M or 6 ZM1040 tubes
no separate tube pcb needed
no more cable to the tubes
compact pcb - professionally made
programmed PIC Processor with:
battery backup option
tubes switched off by DIMM-button
12 / 24 hr mode
5 dimm levels- one fading level
switchmode power supply - you can now make very flat housings
you need a 10-12V AC wall wart to power the clock
the kit contains all parts as given in the part list - but no tubes, wall wart and no mouser pins
the tactical switches also are included as well as the socket for the power supply
the clock is mains driven
tube's liftime counter

PCB Version 1.06

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