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M. Barile's wonderful clock

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Beutiful IN-8-2 by N. Richardson

The glass is 6mm bronze tinted it was high pressure water cut to the desired shapes including the slot for the nixie tubes.
I machined the posts from aluminium and used brass for the feet and post tops, finally finishing it off with anodised gold aluminium mesh between the posts and brass sheet for the back plate using a turned effect.

Neal Richardson's clock

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Bradley Lewis

I began working on my nixie clock about a year ago, and have just finished the functionality thanks to your clock board. Thank you so much for providing people with a way to work on this hobby!!
I would like to show you pics of my clock, as I am very proud of it, and want you to see what I have done with your wonderful clockboard.
The face of the clock is walnut milled from a piece of black walnut tree from my family ranch back near Dallas Tx. The tubes are Z560Ms, the tube bezels I lathed out of aluminum at my family machine shop.
I had a great amount of joy building this clock, and it wouldn't have been possible without your clockboard v1.08.

Bradley Lewis' clock

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Clock made by C. Schramm

This is a beutiful clock for 6 IN-18 tubes using the V1.08b pcb. The case is made from CFK and the tubes are lit from the bottom by blue LEDs. Thanks Christoph.
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A little story about the IN-18 clock

Hi Claus,

as you well know, I have been working on and off on this for almost 2 years. The kit was the easy part, the case not so easy. I think of myself as an accomplished wood and metal worker, so I wanted to create a unique design. I searched the web when I started this project looking for ideas, and this is what I came up with. Even today I still do not see this design anywhere on the web. It is my own original design, inspired by the shape of the tubes.
The only out-sourcing I had done on this was the tube hole boring on the top wood piece. I would have done this myself, but I no longer have access to a mill :-(
I had a friend do this for me and he did an excellent job. The piece slips like magic over the tubes with virtually zero clearance. I drilled the tube board myself when I still had access to the mill and it came out excellent as well.
Anyway, the case is constructed of alternating layers of Chechen that is .400 thick and half hard brass that is .090 thick. The inside is hollow, the top and base portions solid. It is held together with 122 screws, sizes ranging from 4-40 to 10-24. All hardware is brass except for the screws fastening the brass sections together. I figured since they would be hidden, no need to go the extra expense of brass. The outside dimensions are 12.00 inches in length, 3.00 inches wide, and 2.420 in height. I don't know what it weighs, but I estimate about 8 pounds. It would hurt if it fell on you toes!!
All sections were matched drilled and assembled one layer at a time,sanded to the final size as a single unit, then polished and coated with 2 layers of Tung oil. The back switch panel is also .090 thick brass, fit flush with the back surface. It took about 2 days of careful fitting to get it right, but I think the effort paid off. The switches are momentary mini toggles, which work much better than push buttons. The brass looks great highlighted between the dark layers. It was a tight fit for the electronics, but I managed to get everything stuffed in. Everything is removable for maintenance, using ribbon and homemade cables attached to header sockets.
Hope you enjoy them and the story. Time to plan for the next one!!

Thanks, John Lazzaro, USA

IN-18 clock by John Lazzaro USA

IN-18 J. Lazzaro

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F. Giese's clocks

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KLOK7 case for IN-18 - click on the small pics

6 tube clock by W. Kuehnel

This is a beutiful clock based on the idea of Cem Dirilgen's IN-18 design.
W. Kuehnel made the body from wood. What a beutiful work!


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KLOK K8 case for tube pcb V1.08a

Here are clocks that have been built with the nixie clock kit.

Clock gallery

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IEEE artilce 2004

IEEE Article about Nixieclocks