VFD Clock

Our newest development - "8 - a clock".

A compact, beautiful VFD clock with 8 digits and LED floor lighting

Technical specifications:

- Operating voltage 9-12 volts AC or DC - 50 Hz or 60 Hz
- Tubes used: IV6 - 8 pieces\
- 12 / 24 hr format
- US and European date format
- Current consumption: 120 mA at 12 V
- automatic brightness control via LDR
- very accurate even without DCF or GPS receiver (software compensated)
- Board dimensions: approx 109 x 50 mm
- Optional connection to a DCF77 or GPS receiver
- DCF77 or GPS display the date in the 50th second for 5 seconds

The clock can be operated with an AC or a DC power supply. The software automatically recognizes the connected power supply, the mains frequency and DCF77 or GPS operation.

What you get:
black double sided pcb with VFD driver (SMD) already soldered\
- all electronic components
- 8 IV-6 VFD tubes
- schemtics and documentation as download files

Please choose if you want the black brilliance case or the clear case.
Please choose power supply, EU plug, power supply worldwide use, the housing, the LED color, the DCF reciever or GPS receiver

We recommend ordering spare tubes for the future as those get very rare.

You can buy the clock here.

VFD Clock