VFD Clock 8 - a clock
Universal clock kit
Tube board V1.08a
Tube board V1.08d
Tube board V1.08e
Clock kit V1.06
Clock kit V1.06 IN-18
Black Brilliance 'BD'
Black Brilliance 'LBS''
Black Brilliance Temp'n'Glow
2 tubes
4 tubes
6 tubes
Nxie Clocks - Nixie Thermometer

Welcome to the beautiful world of Nixie tubes.

Nixie tubes were a common form of numeric display for electronic equipment from the mid-1950's through the early 1970's, when they were supplanted by 7-segment LED displays.

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We have a new nixie thermometer!!

'Little Blue Something' PCB with 12 blue LEDs'

'Blue Dream' PCB with 6 blue LEDs!

New acrylic laser cut cases have arrived!

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